Tuesday, October 30, 2012


So the other day my grandmother called for me from downstairs just as I had gotten out of the shower. Startled I replied and she asked that I bring a bag down from the attic with a pink sweater in it and two from the back.

I looked around for a bit

and quickly found the bag.

After wrestling the bag from pile I looked for the other two bags

At last I had found the sneaky bags

When I turned around I saw these strange black silhouettes on the vent

WHAT!!! What are these things! They were gigantic, but that wasn't what was so bad about them

THESE CATS HAD FINGERS!!!!!! Why on earth do these bugs have hands!!!??? Needless to say I got out of the attic soon. Now I'm not afraid of bugs but bugs with human hands!? Thats a different story!!!! I don't care how many legs a bug has as long as it has bug legs, but the second you and human appendages I'm done. 

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